1. You guys today I got an email saying that I got 400 new followers on tumblr it totally blew my mind. Apparently my Los Angeles Union Station shot was featured on tumblr radar!! Gah! I wish I could of screen captured that moment haha. 

    Well, I want to say hello to all of my new followers! Hope you guys enjoy my photos, and thanks for following me. 

    Also a special thanks to all of the photographers on tumblr, you guys have always been there to support my art. Not only that, but all of you guys are a talented crowd, who inspired me to keep shooting!! 

     I hope all of you guys have a lovely day. 

    Oh and thanks to tumblr for featuring me on tumblr radar. :D 

    P.S I also totally forgot to thank the tumblr editors who feature my images from time to time, seriously you guys are awesome. Thanks for the support. :)

    1. tuck4 said: Congrats !! You deserve it.
    2. my-memory-palace said: Congrats Adriana!
    3. citiesandcitizens said: 400 in one day is bananas! congrats, adriana!